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The Best of Carl Paladino

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I know its been awhile, but another Carl has inspired me to return. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll win. But he sure as hell entertained us during what would be another boring NY State Election year.















1. Carl Paladino Porn Emails

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino found himself embroiled in controversy once again on Thursday after published a series of emails containing pornographic images reportedly forwarded by the Republican hopeful to friends and colleagues within the last several years.

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2. Carl Paladino Doesn’t Seem to Like Gay People

[Being homosexual] is not how god created us, and that’s not the example that we should be showing our children. Children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family than being gay. And I don’t want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option. It isn’t.

“….There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.”

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3. Paladino and Post reporter square off

Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and Post State Editor Fredric U. Dicker last night got into an angry confrontation — during which Paladino threatened, “I’ll take you out.”

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4. Paladino faces backlash over racist emails, anti-abortion remarks

Buffalo millionaire Carl Paladino is facing backlash anew over racist and pornographic emails he’d forwarded back in the spring, before his announcement for candidacy in the gubernatorial race.

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5. Gubernatorial wanna-be Carl Paladino clams up on $4 million tax deals

Republican governor wanna-be Carl Paladino has threatened to imprison Albany lawmakers who refuse to reveal the specifics of their outside income.

He might want to rethink that.

A review of records shows Paladino has failed to disclose that seven of his companies and subsidiaries have gotten $4.2 million in tax breaks on developments in and around Buffalo – and stand to collect even more.

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Wal-Mart Fighting $7,000 Fine in Trampling Case

Steven Greenhouse | The New York Times

Wal-Mart Stores has spent a year and more than a million dollars in legal fees battling a $7,000 fine that federal safety officials assessed after shoppers trampled a Wal-Mart employee to death at a store on Long Island on the day after Thanksgiving in 2008.

The mystery, federal officials say, is why Wal-Mart is fighting so hard against such a modest fine.

It is not as if Wal-Mart has not already taken action to address any missteps and prevent another such accident. Three weeks before the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration ordered the fine, Wal-Mart, seeking to avoid criminal charges, reached a settlement with the Nassau County, N.Y., district attorney that called for the company to adopt new crowd management techniques in all 92 of its stores in New York State. At the time, Wal-Mart also agreed to create a $400,000 fund for customers injured in the stampede and to donate $1.5 million to various community programs in Nassau County.

More recently, the company announced improved crowd-control policies for all its United States stores to try to prevent such an accident from happening again.

But in fighting the federal fine, Wal-Mart is arguing that the government is improperly trying to define “crowd trampling” as an occupational hazard that retailers must take action to prevent.

Wal-Mart’s all-out battle against the relatively minor penalty has mystified and even angered some federal officials. In contesting the penalty, Wal-Mart has filed 20 motions and responses totaling nearly 400 pages and has spent at least $2 million on legal fees, according to OSHA’s calculations.

The dispute has become so heated — and Wal-Mart’s defense so vigorous — that officials at OSHA, an arm of the Labor Department, complain that they have had to devote huge numbers of staff time to the case, including 4,725 hours of work by employees in the legal office.

The company has made so many demands that Labor Department officials said they would not discuss the case except on condition of anonymity because they feared being subpoenaed about their discussions with a reporter.

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From Ku Klux Klan Member to Iraq War Opponent and Obama Supporter, Late Sen. Robert Byrd Remembered for “Principle and Honor”

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Remember: In 1930, They Didn’t Know It Was “the Great Depression” Yet

Henry Blodget | Huffington Post

The early 1930 rally came after the market had fallen nearly 50% in the fall of 1929. The spring 1930 rally took the market up nearly 50% again, to a level that was only about 20% below the previous peak.

That rally, of course, was also the biggest sucker’s rally in history. After the market peaked in April 1930, it crashed again, eventually ending up down 89% from the 1929 high and more than 80% from the 1930 high. The market did not reach the 1930 high again for another quarter of a century.

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‘The Ragheads’ : S.C. State Sen. Calls Obama, S.C Gov. Candidate Racial Slur

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A South Carolina lawmaker on Thursday called a Republican gubernatorial candidate of Indian descent a “raghead,” saying we have one in the White House, we don’t need one in the governor’s mansion.

Republican state Sen. Jake Knotts later apologized for the slur, saying the remarks about President Barack Obama and state Rep. Nikki Haley were meant as a joke.

They came on Internet political talk show, Pub Politics. Co-host Phil Bailey said Knotts said, “We’ve already got a raghead in the White House, we don’t need another raghead in the governor’s mansion.”


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M.I.A. Returns!

The New issue of Complex magazine arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to see M.I.A. on the cover. The expected release date of her third album entitled /\/\/\Y/\ (no this isn’t an HTML fail) is June 29. M.I.A. truly defines what this blog is all about – the intersection of pop and social justice. Below is an excerpt from the article and M.I.A.’s new single “XXXO” – the first from the new album.

Also watch M.I.A.’s controversial long form music video for “Born Free” – a promotional single from her new album

And hear what M.I.A. thinks of Lady Gaga. (Hint: “she’s a good mimic”)

Nate Denver | Complex

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam doesn’t trust Google. Sure, the company’s motto is “Don’t be evil,” but she’s not fooled. He who controls information controls power, and she’s never been one to relinquish control easily. After a childhood spent missing an activist father who was on the lam from the Sri Lankan government, she came to music after touring with a band as a videographer—and then created a global fanbase before she’d ever done a live show. This isn’t some doe-eyed ingenue who caught a producer’s eye; this is the first true success story of Internet DIY music (sorry, Drake).

Even now, on the verge of her third album, the globe-trotting MC/producer/Oscar nominee/tastemaker is as restless as ever. She spoke to us from the U.K., nestled in her mum’s home with her 1-year-old son, Ikhyd. Ikhyd’s grandpa may be a billionaire (Maya’s man Ben Bronfman is the son of Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr.), but M.I.A. is determined for her child to grow up outside a life of easy comfort. He might not be lacking, but he damn sure won’t be slacking.

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Carlicious Radio Playlist 6/3/2010

Reading her interview in Complex inspired me to make this a M.I.A. day. Here are my favorite M.I.A. songs (in no particular order):

1. “10 Dollar” from Arular

2. “Jimmy” from Kala

3. “XR2” from Kala

4. “U.R.A.Q.T.” from Arular

5. “Sunshowers” from Arular

6. “Bamboo Banga” from Kala

7. “XXXO” from /\/\/\Y/\

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