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Deep Sea Nightmare: Live from the BP Oil Spill

Any of my friends will tell you that I’m not the best environmentalist. It took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon after An Inconvenient Truth opened the eyes of most Americans. It’s not that I deny the reality of global warming, or reject recycling. I more so rejected the faces of environmentalism – upper middleclass tree-huggers that care mostly about climate change and purchasing “green” products. The aspect of environmentalism that I’ve always cared about is the health and safety of poor urban and rural communities, access to fresh and healthy food in communities of color, and the rights of individuals to live in neighborhoods free of toxic waste, incinerators, and corporate pollutants. Still, the BP disaster has me in tears. As each day passes I realize this will reach the magnitude of Katrina at some point. In the coming weeks I will write a longer piece about the BP disaster (most likely after the US Social Forum). But for now, here’s where I’m following this catastrophe.

Huffington Post Gulf Oil Spill Page

WKRG Live Oil Spill Cam

Here’s a good op-ed by Ian R. MacDonald originally published this weekend in The Observe/UK.

BP’s Behavior In the Golf is Appalling. But Out Thirst For Oil is the Real Issue

As this piece is written, act one of the Gulf of Mexico tragedy continues, agonisingly, to unfold. We, the people of the region, keep hoping to leave behind the terrifying explosions and ghastly loss of human life, the dread invoked by black jets billowing endlessly from below and the floating oil spreading over an ever-growing area.

We want to move on to act two, which will feature many dirty shovels, corpses of birds and people crying over the loss of a landscape they love. Act three has yet to be written; it will employ an enormous cast of lawyers and last for decades, but in that time there will be some healing, we hope. That’s what we need to happen as soon as possible, but we can’t seem to get the damned thing plugged up.

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