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Carlicious Radio Play List 4/27/2010

I often wonder what my co-worker/office mate Claire thinks of me. I start meaningless conversations about pop culture, burst out into song hourly (though I never sing an entire song), and yell at my computer and cell phone. Perhaps worst, I have a list of random songs on rotate all day long. The songs usually reflect my mood, emotional state, or an idea that’s marinating. Today’s play list is by far my most inconsistent.

To be completely honest, for the first time in a very long time I’m bored with American music. It could be the auto-tune. Or the lyrical simplicity. Either way, I’m just not feeling it. So as I patiently await T.I. and Xtina’s albums to drop this summer, I decided to turn to non-American and independent music to fill this void. And I haven’t been disappointed.

Anyway, here’s today’s playlist!

1. “World Town” – M.I.A.
2. “Not a Crime” – Gogol Bordello
3. “Eyes Like Yours” – Shakira
4. “Kids” – Robbie Williams feat. Kylie Minogue
5. “You’ve Changed” – Sia
6. “Doggy Style” – Panjabi MC
7 “Fix You” – Cold Play

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