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Gay Idol Slain By Hockey Moms!

Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but I’m hoping it got you to read this post.

Adam Lambert’s album For Your Entertainment, debuted last fall a midst controversy stemming from his provocative American Music Awards performance. Actually it wasn’t nearly as provocative as Britney and Madonna’s tongue down or one of MJ’s many crotch grabs. Still the thought of an openly gay man displaying his sexuality on prime time television made hockey mom’s cringe. Blow back included cancellation of a performance that was scheduled to air on Good Morning America a few days later, and numerous viewer complaints to ABC. Lambert’s performance was also removed from the West Coast airing of the AMA’s.

It’s unfortunate that the performance overshadowed this promising album from a rising star. For Your Entertainment is arguably one of the best debut album’s from an America Idol alum.

For FYE, Lambert decided to continue the trend he began on Idol by packaging himself as a new-wave, glam rock star. He recruited some of today’s top notch producers (including Max Martin, the Britney-maker) and undeniably talented homo-iconic songwriters (including P!nk and Lady Gaga). And for the most part it works.

I imagine eye-liner running down my eyes while singing along to the Queen inspired “Music Again” on the treadmill at the gym. For the step machine I bounce to “If I Had You” and the title track “For Your Entertainment”. But the best songs I always save for my after work out stretch. These include “Whataya Want From Me”, “Soaked”, and the Linda Perry pinned “A Loaded Smile”.

Every time I listen to this album I wonder if Lambert’s sexuality will prevent him from reaching the true pop stardom that he deserves. He is the first pop star to begin his career out of the closet. I’m hoping America can value Lambert for his explosive vocal range and learn toleration in the process. And I’m hoping Lambert can crack the ceiling that has kept so many gay artists before him in the closet.

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